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Address: No.13, 1st Fengjing Road,
                 Fengjing Industrial Park,
                 Huxian, Shaanxi Province
Post code: 710300
Tel: +86-29-84982501 84982502
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        Shaanxi Huxian Dongfang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing aluminum and copper further processing machines, including coating machines, compound machines and slitting machines. Located in Fengjing Industrial Park of Xi’an Economic & Technology Development Zone, which is 2 kilometers away to the west of Huxian Exit on Xi’an-Hanzhong Highway, Dongfang Machinery occupies an area of 30,000 square meters and the fixed assets reach over RMB20 million. It possesses more than 200 employees and over 50 technicians of different specialties, among which there are 36 engineers and senior engineers. Infrastructure of Dongfang Machinery is perfect, the processing equipments complete and the technical force strong and it has been cooperating with Shaanxi Institute of Technology in studying, researching and manufacturing. It has won many national patents and can design and manufacture aluminum and copper processing equipments according to customers’ requirement, which is a high-tech enterprise recognized by both Science and Technology Bureau of Xi’an Municipal Government and Science and Technology Bureau of Shaanxi Province.

         Main products manufactured by Dongfang Machinery include hydrophilic aluminum foil coating lines for air-conditioner use, vessel foil coating lines for food conservation, greasing machines, color-aluminum panel coating units, cap coating machines, aluminum panel cleaning machines, large diameter slitting & rewinding machines, slitting machines for copper strip, aluminum strip and stainless steel, straightening machines, thick foil shears, horizontal slitting and winding machine, various kinds of uniaxial and biaxial slitting machines, household foil winding & cutting machines as well as fittings for aluminum and copper process. Products manufactured by Dongfang Machinery enjoy a high reputation among the customers because of features of advanced technology, high efficiency, energy saving, high automatic level, novel design and easy operation.
        LT1500-1050 hydrophilic aluminum foil coating lines for air-conditioner use developed by Dongfang Machinery are regarded as famous brand products by Xi’an Municipal Government and awarded the Second Prize of Science and Technology. Besides, the hydrophilic aluminum foil coating lines are also recognized as high-tech products by the Science and Technology Bureau of Shaanxi Province.
          Dongfang Machinery has passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000 Quality Control System and strictly follows requirements of the system. Following the principle of “science and technology, quality, workmanship and reputation” principle, Dongfang Machinery has been striving to serve the customers wholeheartedly.
Address: No.13, 1st Fengjing Road, Fengjing Industrial Park, Huxian County, Shaanxi Province
Tel. +86-29-84982501 84982502 Mobile phone: 13709125539 13909232904
Fax: +86-29-84982506 E-mail: dongfangjx@pack.net.cn