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Address: No.13, 1st Fengjing Road,
                 Fengjing Industrial Park,
                 Huxian, Shaanxi Province
Post code: 710300
Tel: +86-29-84982501 84982502
MSN: dongfangjx@hotmail.com
Fax: +86-29-84982506
E-mail: dongfangjx@gmail.com
Website: www.hffzsh.com


Technical  Service
“Dongfang Shanwang” series of aluminum and copper processing products developed by our company feature advanced technology, high reliability and stability and excellent performance. Our Company consistently complies with the service tenet of “quality first, customer upmost, sincerely cooperate, develop altogether.
Dongfang Machinery solemnly promises:
1. Consistently developing new products with advanced technologies and offering best-quality products to our customers; maintaining the company to grow stronger through highest working efficiency; striving for realizing promises focusing on customers.
2. Providing on-site installation and technical debugging service for all products free of charge.
3. Providing one-year quality warranty and life-long maintenance for the products.
4. Promising adequate parts and spare parts for the sold products. 
5. Promising 24-hour hot-line technical support and service.
Tel: +86-29-84982501,  +86-29-84982502
Respond to and solve all problems raised by the clients in no time.
Technical Training
1. The Company is capable of undertaking diversified equipments design schemes proposed by corresponding clients and solemnly makes promises as follows: after having signed contract with clients, we allow technicians of the clients to participate in equipment design; in the process of equipment production, we positively accept technicians as above to supervise and inspect the equipment production in our company to ensure equipment quality.
2. Our company promise to install and debug the equipments free of charge in the clients’ factory. After debugging, our technicians will train the clients’ technicians and explain the specific operation technology and maintenance methods.
Address: No.13, 1st Fengjing Road, Fengjing Industrial Park, Huxian County, Shaanxi Province
Tel. +86-29-84982501 84982502 Mobile phone: 13709125539 13909232904
Fax: +86-29-84982506 E-mail: dongfangjx@pack.net.cn